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Prepare Yourself, for The Magic Locker
is about to be opened

Ellie McNeil is awkward and funny with a bit of a dark streak. After enduring years of bullying, she hopes things will be different as she begins her first day of high school. As it turns out, Ellie’s future isn’t entirely grim, thanks to her locker granting her magical powers.

The Magic Locker: The Witch’s Curse follows Ellie as she struggles to control her newfound abilities. When a mysterious voice utters “Embrace Your Power”, Ellie must decide whether this means to use her gift to protect or destroy, discovering that the line between good and evil is more of a blur. She even makes some friends along the way, but will her own doubts lead to self-sabotage?

Inspired by folk legends and high school drama, The Magic Locker: The Witch’s Curse is a story of empowerment, revenge, and friendship, because redemption is so overrated.

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Hollis Writes Two Different Fantasy Series!

I am a fantasy author, designer, podcaster, and all around silly person. I write two different fantasy book series: The Raashan Series and the Lost Beacon Chronicles. I'm also a proud author with 21 Chieftans Press, a woman owned and operated New York indie publisher.


The Raashan Series is a classic epic fantasy series that begins with the world of Raashan in a state of post apocalyptic chaos in To Save a World. The characters are not only trying to find themselves in a world in turmoil, but when they encounter a strange wizard, they learn of a disquieting prophecy in which they bear a responsibility that none are ready to accept.


Spare the Swallow is the origin story of the Lost Beacon Chronicles, which is a historical fantasy series that follows the unwilling immortal, Lucretia, as she wanders the earth in search of her purpose. This series also delves into psychological themes as the different books in the series illustrate Lucretia's emotional journey through the stages of grief and how they effect her. 

Screaming Facts!

Banshee studies prove that reading indie fantasy vastly improves your health, quality of life, and gives you the ability to travel to other dimensions. 

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